MagtArt - Liu Po-Chun

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Symbols are ever powerful for Liu Po-Chun, whether the human dynamo body builder or the tree itself. A frequent visitor to Hungary, Liu Po-Chun has produced a great number of sculptures that reference Taiwan’s contemporary cultural and political state. The structures cut out of tree trunks for the event in Hungary extend upwards and outwards, almost like a fl owering creature. This meta-universe is part of Liu Po-Chun’s Second Nature, a hyper meta-state of being is evoked, and this is more about the way humans perceive and react visually, physically, to states of being than it is about nature as a Romantic or historical concept. What is nature? Liu Po-Chun’s tree forms installed in the space at the Granary ask. The length wise cuts of wood provide outlines of a tree’s entire growth and presence, but similarly they are like sketch work that describe the once living tree by design and outline in light and space. We, the people who witness the art in real life with our imagination and perception the active ingredient, fi ll in the space. For Liu, the tree confi guration embodies a broader schema he calls Second Nature. What is Second Nature? Second Nature is spurred on by human thought, and it involves not just recreation of nature effects, but is about how human energy and its creations, for instance this artist’s actions, come together to build a material transformation that effectively recycles the aesthetics of nature into new forms that are purely human made. These human made nature forms are themselves nature, but they embody and manifest all the energy we call human. And so art about nature for Liu is really art of how humans deal with nature and interpret, recreate nature’s forms. The celebration is about humanity and its eternal conversation with nature. As the artist says, “The machine transforms (intention, materials, all of this) in creating this Second Nature Tree.”


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